The Next Big It In Detoxification – Exercise

It is a fact known far and wide that exercise is vital. It keeps the body in shape. It keeps the body in top physical condition. It keeps the body healthy. These are the apparent benefits of a regular workout. But in the past few years, a hidden advantage of exercising has come to the foreground – detoxification. With the world becoming more polluted by the minute the value of detoxifying the body has increased multifold.

For most, toxins equate to alcohol, drugs or smoke. While this is partly true, toxins also enter the body through exposure to pollution and chemicals. Even the food we intake can release harmful toxins into the body. This means that we have to find a way to eliminate them to cleanse the principal organs of a body.

How does exercise cleanse a body?
The answer is simple. A workout keeps the body moving. It increases the speed of blood circulation. To keep up the body inhales more oxygen. The more O2 a body has, the more the cells function. One such task is to remove the toxins from the body. In a gist, exercise accelerates detoxification.

How are the toxins removed from the body?
There are three ways that the body uses to remove harmful substances: urine, sweat and exhaled air. Exercising, even if it is merely walking, increases the sweat level. This, in turn, helps get rid of toxins faster. Another way exercise hastens detoxification is through urination. While doing any physical activity, people tend to imbibe more water which leads to more voiding of the bladder.

What kind of exercise helps detoxify?
Succinctly said – any kind. As long as the body is moving enough to work out a sweat, detoxification will occur. The crucial point is to be consistent with it and do it for a long duration of time. Working out for just five minutes a day is not going to cleanse any system. Try different lengths of time. Find the one that best suits your body. For each individual, this duration and type will be different.
The thing to keep in mind is to look for that exercise which you love. Any physical activity that feels like a burden is not the correct one for you. Exercise should be enjoyable and not work. An excellent place to begin would be brisk walking. Take small steps at the start. Instead of driving all the way to the office, park a few blocks away. Instead of taking the elevator to your apartment, opt for the stairs. With time increase the length of your walk. Remember it is brisk walking, so take faster strides than usual

If exercise is not your cup of tea, then think of breathing exercises. Exhalation is another form of detoxification. Practice the breathing technique called pursed-lip breathing. Inhale through the nose and then exhale through the mouth. With each breath you blow out, you release carbon dioxide and other toxins. With each breath you take in, you add the ever and much-needed oxygen to the body.

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