Timothy Sykes Trading Challenge, Programs, And Services

Timothy Sykes Trading Challenge

It is not easy to learn the knacks and tactics of the trading market. Most people do the mistake of investing in trading without any basic knowledge. If you are an inexperienced trader or a newbie, it is necessary to attend sessions and discuss trading with experts around. Timothy’s Trading Challenge is highly useful for both starters and experienced traders. He manages three websites and offers guidance and supports to learners and beginners. To learn more here, check out his programs and services.

Chat room:
Profit.ly website is owned and managed by Timothy. He has been managing with his moderators – Michael Goode who is one of his trusted students. The members entering the chat room can see actual trade alerts and news by Timothy and his moderators. Though Timothy does not remain active, he spends time doing interviews, traveling and developing his empire. If you are a new trader and wish to have one on one conversation with Timothy, there are chances for disappointment.

Timothy also notifies his subscribers about trading through emails and phone alerts so that the traders can take immediate action at the right time. It depends on how you act quickly when you receive the notifications. The alert facility can be bad or good. If you are catching the alerts instantly, there are chances for you to trade similarly like Sykes. But if you take action in a relaxed mode, it is hard to determine a good entrance point. Moreover, members are not allowed to copy the strategies of Tim’s trading. But they are allowed to understand the thinking behind his decisions.

The chat room also permits traders an option to block chats with certain traders. It is actually a nice addition since the chat room remains mostly occupied with new traders and the room is quite noisy.

Timothy’s trading courses:
Apart from developing his million-dollar business, he is also passionate about training other investors and traders his trading policies and methods. Timothy has developed a lot of traders who have the potential to be tycoons like him very soon. If you are interested, you can make use of trading course which is available in form of live streaming DVDs. It has the standard content, which is used for several trading courses.

There are several courses like Pennystocking Part Deux, Learn Level 2, Spikeability, TimTactics, Shortstocking and Timothy Raw to Pennystocking which you can choose and select to learn trading. These courses are perfect for new traders. Moreover, the DVDs contain information about Sykes trading style and it claims to provide the best value for your money. As per several reviews, his trading courses are said to be highly informative and detailed. It has covered lot of information that is important for new traders. Tim provides more than 4000 video lessons that are released on weekly basis. It is optional to follow the video lessons. However, it remains highly valuable for new traders. Many starters treasure the video lessons like a gold mine.

Besides these two services, you should also check out Timothy’s online trading platform- Profit.ly. Through this platform, he shares his experience and knowledge with other traders.

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